NACTE Registered and Accredited Institutions in Tanzania

NACTE Registered and Accredited Institutions in Tanzania:In Tanzania, the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) is responsible for registering and accrediting institutions offering technical education and training programs. NACTE ensures that these institutions meet the required standards to provide quality education in various fields. Here is a list of some of the registered and accredited institutions in Tanzania:

  1. Ministry of Agriculture Training Institute Mlingano – Located in Tangare, Muheza District Council.
    • Registration No: REG/ANE/003
    • Registration Status: Full
  2. The Institute of Adult Education – Morogoro Campus – Situated in Morogoro Municipal Council.
    • Registration No: REG/TLF/0140
    • Registration Status: Full
  3. Ilula Nursing School – Found in Kilolo District Council.
    • Registration No: REG/HAS/152
    • Registration Status: Full
  4. Montessori Teachers Training College – Mtwara – Located in Mtwara District Council.
    • Registration No: REG/TLF/080
    • Registration Status: Full
  5. Biharamulo Health Sciences Training College – Kagera – Based in Biharamulo District Council.
    • Registration No: REG/HAS/121P
    • Registration Status: Provisional
  6. Udzungwa Mountains College (UMC) – Kilimanjaro – Situated in Moshi Municipal Council.
    • Registration No: REG/BTP/044P
    • Registration Status: Provisional
  7. College of Business and Management – Dar es Salaam – Located in Kinondoni Municipal Council.
    • Registration No: REG/BMG/029
    • Registration Status: Full
  8. Royal Training Institute – Dar es Salaam – Found in Temeke Municipal Council.
    • Registration No: REG/HAS/103
    • Registration Status: Full
  9. Tanzania Institute of Rail Technology – Tabora – Situated in Tabora Municipal Council.
    • Registration No: REG/EOS/012
    • Registration Status: Full
  10. Ilonga Teachers College – Kilosa – Located in Kilosa District Council.
    • Registration No: REG/TLF/031
    • Registration Status: Full


This list provides a glimpse into the diverse range of educational institutions registered by NACTE across Tanzania, covering fields such as agriculture, nursing, teacher training, business, and technology.



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